Exclusive Epic

This Exclusive Epic Dragon collection is minting exclusively only on Magic Eden. This is the first time Epic Dragons & Body Parts are introduced to the community through this Collection.

Dragon War has tens of thousands of unique NFTs, Dragons which comes from the creative combination & mix matching mechanism of 5 Dragon Classes, 5 Elements, 6 Body parts with 6 different Rarity Levels for each of them. The higher rarity level of the Dragon, the more powerful it is. So far all the Dragons & their Body Parts being introduced from the Game and its Marketplace are only up to Rare level.

DATE: MAY 16TH, 2022

Quantity: 5000 unique Dragons

Exclusive Price for Public round on Magic Eden:

 0,5 sol

Exclusive Price for Private round: 

 0,4 sol

Original Price:

 0,75 sol

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